Use this area to search all sales records

Read this explanation before using this site.

This page allows you to search the county database for sales. This site was designed to look for comparable sales based upon like criteria. You will be able to search sales back to 2005. If you try to search for a sale that is older than this you will not find it. Click Here to see an explanation of Comparable Sales.

  • The above items allow you to select any field inside the database file and also select the type of comparison you would like to make. Then you enter the test that the comparison uses to limit the results. When you hit the "View Records" button then the results are filtered based upon your selection. To add criteria to the results or limit the results based upon another criteria select the "Add Another Criteria" drop down selection. This allows you to choose "And" or "Or" to either add to the results or limit the results based upon another selection. You can do this up to 4 times.
  • The results are displayed inside the data grid below. At the bottom of the data grid on the left hand side you will see 4 icons. The first icon is the advanced search. This is like the above search, in that it allows you to limit the results inside this data grid by selecting fields and entering criteria in which to limit items. This would be the search you should use if you are looking for a range of items. The next icon is the refresh icon, by clicking this you will be able to refresh the data grid. The next icon will allow you to export the data grid to a CSV file. The next icon is a simple inline search click here and a text box will appear below the field headings, enter criteria into these text boxes and the data grid will automatically filter itself. You should use this method if you are not looking for a range, but searching for a specific result set.

Real-Estate Sale Records